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Hello Everyone...

Welcome  you all to my personal web site. This page is loaded with fun stuff  for you to read. Hope

you  will  enjoy  this page as much  as  I've  enjoyed  building  it. To  know more  about  me  please

visit  'My Profile'  page. So  fell  free to navigate through this. I need you comments. Please send me

your comments. It will help me to develop my site further.

I studied in the great Jaffna Peninsula which is the Northern part of Sri Lanka . Here you can see some photos  which was taken in my school days.  Click here to view that photos.

Further  I'm a  undergraduate  student  in University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, in  Computer  Science

& Engineering. 

Drama festival in our Department

We Computer Science and  Engineering students were celebarate drama festival in our university

civil  oditorim on 25th  of November  2006.  All of us show   our acting  ability to  this  world through

this  Drama  festival . Photos  which  were  taken  in   the  Drama and Drama Bash function  are

now  available in  the following  section. That is very interesting.  Cleck Here to see that pictures.

             1.       Drama....  (2006 November)

             2.       Drama Bash ... (2006 November)

             3.       Watch the clipes of the part of Dramas.... (2006 November)

Colombo viewed from 30 floors above

Our Department  annual  AGM  was  celebrated in HNB tower,  situated at  Darley road,  Colombo

this year. So I  got  the chance  to go to the roof top of  the HNB tower.It's a 30 storey high building.

It  was  a very  fabulous  view  which I got to experience on  top  of  the tower. I could see for  miles

and miles around Colombo nicely. The picture given below is a picture of the  World  trade  center 

of Sri Lanka, which I took while I was on top of the tower.

      Colobbo city